About Us

One stop shop for all your apparel-printing needs

We, at Libey, want to create a memorable shopping experience for our patrons, be it online or offline. We understand that garments we print are more than just a piece of fabric for our customers.
We manufacture and print all sorts amazing t-shirts, sports jerseys, hoodies and school uniforms as per customers’ choice. We pride ourselves in being able to provide everyone what they need to express themselves and to simply put a smile on their face.
We are constantly innovating to realize new ways to reduce delivery times and deliver high quality products. We differentiate by enabling our customers to customize and personalize smallest of details in their clothing. Our goal is to deliver the right merchandize to customers with finest quality prints and embroideries at the most affordable price.

Our Story

College dean sitting in his office on a Thursday afternoon, trying to figure out a way to get customized t-shirts for an upcoming college fest. Already been a victim of bad printing and cheap t-shirt quality, it is then it struck him that committees and students find it difficult to design and print their group t-shirts and hoodies. He realized the scarcity of local players that can provide such service and saw huge potential to start something of this sort. Thus, LIBEY was born with the core focus to provide complete solutions to anyone faced with the problem of late product delivery, low quality printing and sub-standard quality of material